What to do with a chipped tooth?

We can brush and clean your teeth everyday to prevent tooth problems but sometimes unexpected things can happen like getting your tooth chipped accidently.  A chip tooth can either cause pain or no pain. Chipped tooth is a tooth that lost its original structure.  A portion of the portion is now missing.  It can be due to playing sports, living an active lifestyle or due to an accident.  Accidental will happen.

While living an active lifestyle you can accidently collide into somebody or something. In most cases, a chipped tooth doesn’t cause pain, but it will still require proper dental care which starts with getting a check-up from your dentist to make sure the problem is not too serious.  In other cases, a person may not be aware of having a chipped tooth until they experiences pain while chewing or drinking cold drinks.

A dentist is the best person who can fix your chipped tooth.  They are experts at treating and repairing these kind of problems. The type treatment will depend on the damage. The dentist will first check the damage to see how sever it is. An x-rays may be used to check its severity. A chipped tooth can have minimal damage.

If there is only minimal damage then it should be easy to repair. Some bond porcelain and composite veneers may be used to fix the tooth structure.

A chipped tooth is usually not painful.  If you experience pain then a crown might be needed to resolve the problem.  A crown is cap that covers and protect your tooth, thus it also prevent further damages to it. The crowns and fillings must be made of the same color or structure as your other teeth for a pleasant and more natural appearance.

Weather your chipped tooth are in minimal or sever stage it is very important that you see a dentist in order to prevent further harm.

Do waterpiks work for floosing?

One of the most well-liked flossing alternatives is the Waterpik. According to research, using a waterpik can be more effective than flossing and brushing – weather it is through manual or an electric toothbrush. They make a great alternative solution for those who don’t like to floss.

Here, are the advantages to using a Waterpik:

- your overall oral wellness will improve considerably

- the results you get with a water flosser are far better than with frequent string floss

- 99.9 % of oral plaque buildup get removed using a waterpik

- the blood flow in your gums greatly improves which leads to stronger and healthier gums

- areas you couldn’t get to with standard floss are not a problem

Using a Waterpik is the same as flossing frequently but is more effective.  They are also safer than electric powered flosser.  You also don’t have to spend a ton of money on buying a waterpik. The most necessary part of flossing is to do it consistently. Using a waterpik is very important. Especially for those people who the lack time and resources to visit dentist regularly or at all.

Ways to clean your tongue

Best way to clean your tongue

Your tongue is probably the most neglected area of your mouth when we think about dental hygiene. Maintaining proper tongue hygiene is very important to your dental health and avoiding bad breath. As we always say, brushing is not enough to have a healthy oral health; your tongue is part of it and many bacteria lives in it. The tongue is additionally vital for chewing, consuming and chatting.

Cleaning your tongue is good for maintaining really good dental hygiene. Here, are the following things that you need to consider to clean your tongue.

1. Clean your tongue with your toothbrush. You can use your toothbrush to clean your tongue. What you do is use the bristles on your toothbrush to scrap your tongue.  It’s simple and also effective.  While doing so, you will notice residual form on your toothbrush.  Just wash that off your water.  That right there is the accumulation of bacteria on your tongue.

2. Drink green tea. In early China, it was common to clean your face and tongue using green tea. Green Tea is a normal sterilizer and will certainly help eradicate and clean any type of micro-organisms in your mouth and on your tongue. So the most reliable way to keep excellent hygiene in your mouth is to drink green tea before and also after you eat. This will help cleanse any type of micro-organisms off of your tongue as well as in your mouth.

3. Mouth wash. Using mouthwash after you brush, floss, and clean your tongue will completely sanitize your mouth as well as your tongue.

How to treat bleeding gums?

Bleeding gums are a potential sign of gum disease. Gum disease is quit alarming and should not be taken lightly. It is caused by bacteria that go deeply to the gum tissue. Eventually, the bacteria reaches the root of our teeth and releases toxins that makes it irritated and swell. This can result in the death of our teeth. Fortunately, this problem can be treated if detected early enough.

The most effective way to treat gum bleedings is to remove the bacteria causing it.  This requires going to your local dentist so that he or she can treat it.  The most basic thing that you need to do is to maintain good oral hygiene. Brushing, flossing and gargling can prevent gum disease. Ask your doctor what is the best product that you can used as a cleaning agent for your mouth. Peppermint, spearmint and almond oils are long standing winners in the fight against bacteria and infection, and have a low occurrence of irritation or sensitivity for its users. The next thing that you need to do is eating healthy foods and avoid acidic one can help you when it comes to bleeding gums and avoid bad habits. Smoking, poor dietary habits, and heart disease risks have all been linked to an increased risk for gum disease. If bleeding still continues and those tips are not effective then you need to consult your dentist if there are other procedures that they can offer to remove the bacteria in your gums.

The most important thing is to be proactive if you suspect that you see signs of having gum disease.

Types of Dental Fillings

Even though we brush our teeth twice a day, bacteria and plaque are still present and can slowly cause tooth decay. If left untreated then the condition may cause gum diseases, bad breath, and other serious dental problem inside and outside the mouth. It is best to prevent this as early as you can by going to the dentist regularly. Dental filling is one solution that you can be considered.

There are different types of dental fillings. The different kinds of dental fillings are used to repair cracked and broken teeth. Filling is one procedure that you can consider in order to prevent sever dental problems. There are two types of indirect dental fillings. The first one is inlays, a type of dental procedure that works within the cusps of the surface of the tooth.  While the second type is on lays, they cover more than one cusp, involves much more extensive work, and is often considered partial crowns.

The types of dental filling materials that you can choose for your teeth are gold, silver, ceramic and acrylic. Gold filing is quite expensive. But this kind of filling is very strong and it can protect your teeth for 15 years. On the other hand silver is the second choice. It is also widely used because it is long lasting as well as durable. Ceramic is widely used by dentists because they are the most stain resistant, natural looking and long lasting. The color of ceramic fits the natural color of your teeth which is much better than gold and silver. The price of ceramic fillings are also affordable. Ceramic filling are recommended for children and teenagers because it release fluoride that strengthen and protect the teeth and gums. The cheapest filling that you can consider is acrylic. These filling are not the same as the above three mentioned. They do not last as long and need to be replaced or repaired after a few years.

You can discuss your option with your dentist. You have lots of options to pick from.

What is a gum lift?

Gingivectomy, is the medical term for the dental process of elevating one’s gum area to improve the appearance of one’s teeth.  The process entails working with the actual cells and bone fragments as well as shaping the tooth to produce a desirable appearance. This technique is also referred to as “crown lengthening” which hides the actual ‘gummy’ grin of the patients.

Is a Gum Lift Actually Required?

Elimination of gingival tissues is now a cosmetic dental work method and is performed whenever:

  • The nicotine gums usually do not transfer back again normally whenever a fresh tooth comes forth.
  • The top of your gums is abnormally higher and it is plainly obvious.
  • There are usually difficulties: periodontitis, dry skin and also cavities past a specific level can easily warrant the process.
  • There is discomfort because of the tooth braces existing.
  • There is unusual deterioration with the tooth which helps to make the typical gum series seem unusual.
  • Individuals who have impure or have afflicted tooth in which the injury went beyond the gum series are also candidates for this type of procedure.

Gum elevate procedures generally begins with mind-numbing agent applied to the actual gum area. Then roll-out of cuts are administer to the around the gums. These types of cuts are done to assist in transferring the actual gum area from other organic place. After this, your dentist will reshape the actual cells all around your gum as well as the fundamental bone fragments to ensure that they are visually appealing.  Your dentist will keep the stitching done to hide the actual cuts.

Denture cleaning solutions

When we talk about cleaning our teeth we usually think about how to clean our teen so that they are sparkling white. But there are a lot of people who have false teeth or what is known as dentures.

So if you have dentures, here is how you can keep your dentures clean? In order to clean your dentures you will need a denture cleaning solution. What is this Denture cleaning solution? A denture cleaning solution is commercially used in order to clean your dentures. There are dentures that are expensive and non-expensive for cleaning purposes. It is important to clean your dentures as you clean as you would be for your natural teeth.

There are many different ways to clean your dentures.  First, the home way of cleaning is to use any commercial denture cleaning.

Denture cleaning solutions are the best way to clean your denture. Using a cleaning solution is the best cleaning way to clean your denture. You must definitely treat your dentures like your natural teeth to achieve the best results. These solutions for denture cleaning can be use at home to prevent further tooth loss, bacterial and fungal infections and even problems with inflamed gums. You need to understand that denture offer those with missing teeth to fit in normally and eat like everyone else.  Individuals with false teeth a person are self conscious so using dentures allows them to avoid these issues.

There are many different kind of dentures. The best dentures are conventional dentures which are removable. There are also dentures which are implants or known as dental implants to place the missing teeth of a person which are permanent.

To achieve the best cleaning solution for your dentures you must know the best denture cleaning solution that is now available in the market. There are also denture cleaning solutions which you can make yourself like vinegar. But it is best to buy a cleaning solution instead of using a home made version. So make sure that you care for your denture so that your can keep your teeth clean and healthy.

Dental Care for Teenagers

There are some serious teeth problems like cavities and periodontal disease that can be a threat to teenagers and small children. That is why it is very important to teach children how to brush their teeth twice a day or after every meal. Some studies have shown that adolescents and teenagers aging 13 and above are prone to bleeding gums. Here is some helpful dental care tips for teenagers.

• Brushing your teeth twice a day or every after meals whenever possible and floss daily.

• Proper diet is important to maintain good dental care. Avoid unhealthy snacking and foods that are too acidic.

• Fluoride is important to help inhibit tooth decay. Choose tooth paste that contains fluoride. Fluoride can also be found in some mouth wash and some foods.

• If the child is wearing dental braces, make sure they clean between the teeth and arch wires. Using floss traders and orthodontic toothbrushes which is design to clean braces easier.

• When playing sports, make sure your child is wearing a mouthpiece. Mouth piece can prevent any dental injuries that can possibly damage the child’s teeth.

• help your child to have a relaxing time. Sometime stress is one cause of teeth grinding which is not good. If this thing happens to your child consult your dentist. They can provide you mouth piece that can protect your child’s teeth from grinding damages.

Teenage years are the time that a child gets conscious and start to care about their appearance. But only the outer appearance is focus, sometimes dental care is forgotten. It is very important to guide your child on the oral hygiene as well as dental care. Proper guidance, diet, and providing them proper knowledge can help them improve and create a dental care routine that fits into their busy schedules and includes flossing. In addition, some teens may want to have an oral piercing. Encourage your teen to discuss this decision with his or her dentist and, if your teen does get a piercing, make sure it is kept clean to prevent infection.

Dental Care

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